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We host a variety of anthologies and series from time to time, offering authors and other artists the opportunity to submit their works for consideration. Each of these is themed and has its own set of rules of requirements in addition to the guidelines below.

We also accept manuscripts for books of various lengths and genres, especially those in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. We also accept co-written works, short story collections, and more.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure that all content is legible and can be edited upon acceptance, we have very specific guidelines that must be followed for any manuscripts submitted to us. These guidelines allow us to edit the content for publication without any issues.

  • No indenting, tabs, etc. This will be done in formatting.

  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font (16 for chapter headings).

  • The content should be single-spaced.

  • Do not include any identifying or personal information in your manuscript. This should be included in the form below and the subsequent email.

  • No headers or footers.

  • No spacing between chapters. Please use page break, rather than hitting Enter several times.

  • The first word of a sentence should always be capitalized. Submissions that lack capitalization throughout the manuscript will be automatically rejected.

  • All anthologies and multi-author series will use American English spellings for continuity. For standalone submissions, please inform us in your email whether you are using British vs. American English so that we can edit accordingly upon acceptance of your manuscript. This clears up any confusion when editing content that goes back and forth between the two.

  • Make sure that the manuscript is not a read-only file or in protected view. If accepted, we will need to be able to edit and format the content. If we have to rewrite the content because we cannot edit the file, it will be an automatic rejection until fixed.

  • Last, but certainly not least, we require submissions to be edited (or at very least self-edited with the help of programs like spell check and grammarly) prior to submitting.

Any submissions that do not meet our guidelines will be automatically rejected.

Send all submissions, manuscripts, and queries to

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