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The Ultimate Student Journal has everything you need to keep track of your most important information throughout the year all in one place. This handy journal includes all of the following:

  • Yearly Overview - write down any major events, holidays/breaks, or other important events you'll want to remember throughout the year.
  • Semester Planners and Supply Lists for each semester.
  • Weekly Journals - keep yourself organized and on-task by recording upcoming due dates, spirit week notes, meetings, etc.
  • Teacher Contacts - This page gives you the space to record contact information for your teachers as well as any other important people/staff members.
  • Group Planners and Notes - These planners and note pages give you the space to record up to 10 group projects that you have throughout the year. Record the group members and their contact information, delegate tasks, and more to keep your projects organized.
  • Project Planners, Exam Schedules, and Assigned Reading Logs for each semester.
  • 36 pages for notetaking per class per semester (14 sections throughout the book, totaling 504 pages).
  • An attendance log at the end of the book to keep track (super handy for those who have trouble remembering), as well as a summer reading log.

The size of the book is 7.5" x 9.25", and the total page count is 593.

The Ultimate Student Journal

$50.00 Regular Price
$26.45Sale Price
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