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Centuries ago, the Lodestone was split by the gods, sundering the power of magic into elemental quadrants. Each elemental quarter of the Lodestone was hidden in Watchtowers located at the cardinal directions, and human tribes formed around each Watchtower, taking on the qualities and powers of their elements. Pedar Tolris is the second son of the Chieftain of the Water Tribe, and he is a self-made dragon expert. His knowledge is needed when the Dragon Council sets out to reunite the Lodestone. He is chosen as the Dragon Bard when he is merged with the soul shard of the dragon Xaramuth. Along with representatives of the other Powers, he sets out to prevent the Dragon Council from destroying the natural order of magic by re-uniting the Lodestone and effectively ending the world. The fight centers on the mountain Shadowtop, where the dead dragon goddess Xetith lives again, tearing the fabric of time and gathering the Dragon Council and the elemental powers in her claws.

The Four Powers

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