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Rachael is traveling with her husband and two children when they face an ambush, leaving her husband dead and her two children abducted.


Julianna is traveling west to visit her five children when she comes across Rachael and takes her under her wing. Together, they travel to the nearest town. Julianna sends word to her children that she's safe but fails to tell them where she is.


Julianna's eldest son, Coyd, upon receiving the letter from his mother, gathers his brothers and a collection of reprobates to search for their wayward mother. Unfortunately for the brothers, their sister, Abigail, insists on tagging along.


As time goes by and the story unravels, questions arise as to whether or not Rachael truly is who she claims to be.


Will they find their way back to each other and sort out the mess that everyone has found themselves in, or will they remain in one massive tangle?


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