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Hereditary witch Rowena Glass has had enough of humans. After her metaphysical store is destroyed by arson, she takes the insurance money and buys a trip she’s wanted to take for a long, long time: the Bermuda Triangle Monster Resort. Beaches. Druid-created terrain. A villa all her own. Not a human in sight. It sounds like bliss.The island is home to the elusive blood rose, the primary ingredient in an ancient potion she has always wanted to make. That’s the only thing she wants to deal with: plants, potions, and other so-called monsters who just want to breathe and be themselves.She didn’t count on finding herself caught between a suicidal vampire named Lucius and his jealous Maker, Julia. It’s going to take some fancy dancing, as well as the help of her grimalkin familiar, Grendel, to get her out of this mess.She wanted peace and quiet. Now all she has is trouble.

Blood Roses

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