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There will be time to crown a king, but first a warlord must rise.

Arthur’s battle summer is upon him, and he must be victorious if he is to claim his throne and rid the land of Saxon invaders.

The teenage king has pulled the sword from the stone, but still the petty kings will not accept his rule. The Saxons are invading, Lot and Uriens are united against him, and he still has to prove himself to the common folk of the land.

Next stop: the mysterious standing stones of the Giants’ Dance and the Beltane ritual.

Warfare does not wait for Arthur to catch his breath. Battle follows battle. Love is lost and found. Allies fall, enemies rise, and betrayals come to the young High King. If he stays strong, he can lead his people through a bloody summer. If not, all of Britannia will fall.

Arthur alone will be responsible for the glory or ruin to come. Merlin will help him to see it through. But what secrets is the druid keeping?

Arthur Rex: Dux Bellorum is the third installment in an epic retelling of the King Arthur legend.

Arthur Rex: Dux Bellorum

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