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Children & Teen Anthologies

The following are open submission calls for anthologies geared toward our younger readers:

Anthologies with an asterisk next to the title will also benefit a local hospital's pediatric department. This hospital and especially the pediatrics department are near and dear to my heart because they saved the life of my daughter who was diagnosed with cancer. I didn't include this in all anthologies because some of them were already donating to two anthologies. Each charity receives 10% of the book's profits, unless otherwise stated.

1. Back to School (working title) - This anthology will feature a wide range of stories, poems, and artwork revolving around the theme of returning to school. This anthology will have separate sections: Fiction, Nonfiction, Weird Science, Discoveries, etc. This is a charity anthology benefiting schools in the U.S. If you'd like to nominate a school to be one of the beneficiaries, send your recommendation to with the subject "Back to School Nomination." Let us know what school you have chosen and why you are nominating them. Word Count: 2-5k. Deadline: TBA

2. Senses in Motion* - This anthology will feature art, music, poems, and short stories... a wide range of art and literature to capture the hearts and minds -- and senses -- of its audience. This is a charity anthology benefitting the American Society for Deaf Children. Word Count: 2-5k. Deadline: TBA

3. Our Furry Friends - This anthology will feature stories about animals and other tiny companions. We'll have three sections: Nonfiction, Fiction, and Stuffed Bestie. This is a charity anthology benefitting Phoenix Children's Hospital as well as The Humane Society. Word Count: 2-5k. Deadline: TBA

4. Campfire Tales* - This anthology will feature short scary stories like the ones you might tell around the campfire. Spooky, creepy, and spine-tingling tales of terror... think Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? This is a charity anthology benefiting Camp Corral. Word Count: 2-5k. Deadline: TBA

5. HalloTeen* - This anthology will feature scary stories written solely by teenagers! So, get creative and invoke your inner Stephen King. This is a charity anthology benefitting Americans for the Arts. Word Count: 2-5k. Deadline: TBA

*Word count requirements are for stories only (not poems or music), and they are more guidelines than anything. Exceptional stories will be accepted regardless of word count. However, formatting requirements MUST be followed for stories and poems. Music should be formatted as sheet music.

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