Young Adult & Adult Anthologies

The following are anthologies with upcoming deadlines:

Cover Reveal Coming Soon.jpg
Greek Mythology
This anthology will be a bit unique. We are looking for Greek Mythology retellings, as well as stories and poems featuring brand new mythological characters created by the authors.
Word Count: 5-10k
Deadline: 5/15/21
After the Apocalypse Front Cover.jpg
After the Apocalypse
The world has come to an end… at least for most of civilization. Now the remaining citizens must learn how to cope -- and survive. Tell us your stories of loss and courage as your characters pick up the pieces when everything around them has fallen apart… literally. This is a charity anthology, with 20% of proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity.
Word Count: 10-20k
Deadline: 6/15/21
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Celtic Spirit
This anthology will feature Celtic-themed stories divided into two themes: Celtic Fire (stories of passion, war, struggle, etc.) and Celtic Rose (stories of love and romance).
Word Count: 5-10k
Deadline: 6/1/21
Love at First Bite.jpg
Love at First Bite
We are currently looking for vampire stories... everything from romance to horror and suspense. Is your MC the vampire or a hunter itching to put their wooden stake to good use? Is your vampire evil incarnate, or are they struggling with immortality? Do they fall head-over-heels for a new person every other decade, or are they still pining for the one who got away centuries ago?
Word Count: 5-10k
Deadline: 7/1/21

*Word count requests are our preferences. However, we will accept great stories outside of these word counts. Also, they do not pertain to poetry. Those have no word count or page limits, but epic poetry is certainly welcome for some of our anthologies (such as Renaissance, Celtic-themed anthologies, fantasy genres, etc.) The purpose of the word count guidelines is to limit the number of authors per anthology so that each author receives an appropriate percentage of the royalties.

**Absolutely no - and we repeat, NONE whatsoever - erotica, graphic sexual assault, etc.