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Towards the Sun

A collection of original artwork, short stories, and poetry, all with the theme of hopepunk – that which is uplifting and inspirational. Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to a young lady battling cancer.

Get your copy now from DragonScript.


Coming Soon...

Zeta Phi Massacre

Sorority sisters reunite five years after graduation to celebrate an upcoming wedding, but this won't be quite the party they had in mind. The night takes a dark turn when a serial killer strikes, taking out victims one-by-one. Will they make it out alive, or are they all doomed from the start?

From our sister company, Irish Horse Productions

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Oath Blood

Alliances have been broken. Power has shifted. New threats start to emerge in the land of Corinth. Amidst the chaos, previously isolated nations are making their move and positioning themselves to strike. Unseen forces guide their hands, pushing them to attack.

War is looming. No one is safe.

Get your copy now from DragonScript.

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