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About Us

Carpathia Publishing was founded as a way to offer indie authors, artists, and musicians an outlet for their creativity. We publish books and anthologies revolving around many different topics and themes across most genres. We do not accept/publish erotica, though we do accept submissions of adult content within reason. At Carpathia, we strive to provide content that is well-written and thoughtful as well as entertaining. We also support creative teens and preteens, allowing them to follow their dreams by submitting their own works for consideration.

At Carpathia, our anthologies serve a purpose. Not only do they feature unique authors from around the world, but they also serve as our contribution to society. Each anthology is linked to a specific charity, with proceeds (full or in part) being donated to that cause. For our drabbles anthologies, flash fiction, and those featuring only poetry, 100% of our proceeds will be donated. All other anthologies will donate 20% of their profits.

We publish nonfiction of all types... from biographies to memoirs to self-help books and everything in between. We also publish a wide range of fiction... from children's literature and middle-grade books to fantasy and science fiction. We also accept short stories, poetry, and other works to be featured in our anthologies, as well as personal collections. We work closely with our authors and strive to offer a final product that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them, and we are there for them every step of the way. At Carpathia Publishing, we are not just a company... we're a family.

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